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Can we fill all of your positions? Perhaps! When we bring a candidate to the table you can bet it's a match! We carefully select qualified candidates to represent for skilled positions. They are SERIOUS about their careers, AWESOME at what they do, and READY to go to work! We guarantee it!



iXCDMatch offers permanent placement for our Clients in all industries and they come from all over the country.  We are not limited to location or industry!

We will work with you to understand the details of your open position, the culture of your company, and the technical and soft skills that a person must possess to succeed in your organization.


Our clients come from every industry and discipline and include board members, investors and financiers, C-suite executives, presidents and senior vice presidents, corporate advisors, sales and marketing professionals, analysts, professional tradesmen, operations managers, project managers, and administrators.


Who wouldn't like to have the perfect candidate handed to them on a silver platter?
That's exactly what we do!

You can find resumes and great candidates everywhere. But unlike job sites with hit and miss opportunities, we don't share prospects with competition. We can markedly minimize or virtually eliminate bidding wars and increase your chances of landing star players. You might find the perfect candidate through a job board, but chances are you’re not the first. Many recruiters and employers are reaching out to the same individuals and it can be difficult to capture their attention. Once someone posts a resume on a job board they are consistently bombarded by offers.

Our clients agree not to post their resumes on job boards and desire to work only with us. Investing in a candidate who has already invested in himself is a game changer.

We can help you avoid jumping through hoops to find qualified candidates. Our assessments provide you with all you need to make an informed decision before you even make contact!

Our process is simple and our system is user-friendly with exceptional search capabilities.

What do companies really want from their staffing firms?

You want more from recruiters than just a ‘post and pray’ and then charge you a big fee! So many agencies have no relationship with the candidate. Is it really worth it to pay a big commission for a recruiter who just did simple online searches?

You want to know how recruiters are sourcing, who they are talking to, and how they are using contacts as a launch point for referrals. We show you our depth. Anyone can Google for candidates! To win new business and establish long-term partnerships, we demonstrate our commitment to you that we go deeper to find the right candidates, whether for a temp role, a direct hire or something in between.

We are preferred by hiring managers! Many of our referrals come directly from them!

Why you'll love us!

We offer a strategic partnership with a "ready-to-go" and exclusive candidate. We look into everything in a candidate's background. We want to know all about their potential and what career paths exist. We pass that on to you. Chances are we can significantly reduce your time to acquisition! We can cut your search time and reduce the amount of time spent to match and qualify candidates.  New clients are often added daily!

Our background includes a long history of close working relationships with global recruiters and HR professionals. We've written an enormous number of resumes since 1997 and the majority of our business comes from referrals all over the country. We are proud to have so many satisfied clients!

We like to think we have re-invented the wheel when it comes to today's resume writing process.  Technology has allowed us to do some really incredible things, not to mention we have some pretty smart cookies behind us! Our resumes are unmatched in quality.  No re-writes  required here!

What does all this really have to do with you?

You see, our clients go through a strategic and rigorous process to craft the perfect resume just for them. We are actually able to ascertain more information that helps us identify strengths and abilities than most recruiters.

We are about establishing relationships. Our clients depend on us for their livelihoods and futures and we care! We have a relationship with them that makes a difference and causes them to engage with opportunity. We care about you too! We're eager to develop strong bonds with reputable professionals to help us meet the needs of our clients and help you reach your goals too. We hope to have many years of doing business together!

Do we try to place everyone? No. There are limits. 
Sadly, through the resume process, we realize why some people have difficulty holding steady jobs. Some are lazy and stubborn, and just don’t follow directions. They can be timid, have problems with authority…no confidence or commitment.  We do the very best we can for them, but we do not attempt to place them. 

iXCDMatch focuses on star candidates who deserve that coveted position. We have our own commitment to support them throughout their careers. Our clients are ready to work!

Our #1 priority is to place our client with the job he or she was born to do! 

Since I hired you my income has increased by 70%!
Tom T., Director of Fund Raising, Non-Profit, Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children

I accepted a great position within 3 days. A step up from the positions I was applying for!
Sebastian S., PMP, MSC, MBA, Senior Project Manager, Centeva, LLC.







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